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  • Walk and bike to school day
  • Walk and bike to school day

Join Farmington Walk and Roll October 5! Celebrate the Fall Walk to School day, Wednesday October 5, 2016. Enjoy this time with your kids as you fire-up your feet and get your wheels turning.

It's free and registration is encouraged as we would love to provide prizes to participating children. If you would like to plan an event at your school, or in your neighborhood, please contact Anngela at srts@fmtn.org

Register Register your own children, classroom or the entire school so we can provide prizes to participating children. Register today.

How it works It’s free, and everyone, kids and adults are encouraged to participate. Parents who drive their kids are encouraged to park further away, and walk their kids the rest of the way to school. Some busses and schools are dropping kids off away from the school for kids to walk too. Read more at each school; McKinley Elementary, Ladera del Norte Elementary, Mesa Verde Elementary, Apache Elementary, Animas Elementary.

Prizes Registered groups receive prizes to give to participating students. Register here.

Check out all our photos Click here. For individual school photos go to the My School tab at the top of the screen and select your school.

Walking School Bus

Try out our Walking School Bus, where a group of children walk to school under the trained supervision of one or more adults. Children are picked up at your home, or the walk starts at a designated meeting spot and they are dropped off at the school door. It’s an enjoyable, healthy, safe way for everyone to walk to school together. I want to sign up as a volunteer or sign up my child.